Free Ai Weiwei

Posted on 05/04/2011


Designer and Architect Ai Weiwei was arrested on Sunday. Al aided in designing the “Birds Nest” Stadium for the Beijing Olympics as well as filling the Turbine hall at Tate Modern with thousands ceramic seeds. But beyond his design Weiwei is an internationally respected activist

But as China begins a new ‘crackdown’ on activism it seems that Weiwei is one of their first targets. This is not the first time the Chinese government have carried out such acts towards Al. Previously they have held him under house arrest as well as destroying his studio complex.

As Social events are a major influence BlacBloc has created a ‘Free Al Weiwei’ flyer, borrowing from his own philosophy; “Keep it Simple”

If you would like more information we are sure there will be more coming through the mass and social media.

Also there is a good article in ICON Magazine (093) on Weiwei that is worth reading:

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